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My work explores ideas of material temporality and physical malleability of images through a minimalist, experimental approach.  I am interested in the physical boundaries of images and effects of aesthetic treatments on perception.  With imagery derived from my mundance living environment, I attempt to present sites that embody social wear and clutter, and to render them as absurd visual objects.


My process involves layering photographic prints with multiple, translucent glazes of high chroma oil paint.  The paint behaves as a filter that distorts the image beneath by minimalizing its forms and detail.  Through this method I intend to challenge the natural relationship of the photographic image to the viewer, and to transform the identity of the artwork, allowing it to deliberately settle ambiguously between being a photograph and a painting.  I aim to conjure a contradiction between the content of the image and its treatment, to present a form of stylized, distorted, false reality.